Geotechnical & Hydrotechnical Pipeline Risk Assessments

Risk assessment of upstream pipelines involves identification and evaluation of threats that could damage pipeline infrastructure.

Dynamic Risk professionals help ensure your risk assessment program is effectively identifying and protecting against geotechnical and hydrotechnical hazards.

Geotechnical hazard assessment is focused on delineating a suite of credible geohazards along the pipeline route, and estimating annual probability of geohazard occurrence and vulnerability of the pipeline system to such an occurrence at each identified location.

Hydrotechnical instability is defined as the likelihood that a watercourse would deteriorate the right of way of a pipeline and potentially result in pipeline exposure.

Once we estimate the likelihood of occurrence of a hazard, we estimate the pipeline’s vulnerability should that hazard occur, and assign a “susceptibility” score. Recommendations are given for prioritizing field assessment and re-assessment intervals for each hazard to ensure new available data is included in our estimations.

Deliverables and benefits include:

  • Inventory of identified hazard sites and credible hazards
  • Rating of all hazards, with high or very high ratings receiving preliminary recommendations for future assessment
  • Recommendations for future site inspections or investigations, instrumentation and suggestions for mitigation
  • Displaying of all collected data and identified geohazards, including associated pipelines, by web-based platform

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