Our Vision

To be the global leader in innovative solutions for the safe and efficient delivery of energy resources.

Our goal is to partner with our clients to eliminate pipeline failures by effective identification and assessment of threats and consequences, by managing risk throughout the pipeline system life cycle, by optimizing risk-informed decision making in pipeline daily operations through the adoption of a risk management focused safety culture by all parties.

Striving for continuous improvement is one of our core values and we commit to providing software services and consulting solutions that enable our customers to achieve exceptional efficiency and safety performance while meeting compliance objectives and moving towards a goal of zero incidents.

Our Values

Commitment: By developing solutions that anticipate and satisfy the industry’s needs through a partnership model with all of our clients; having the goal to exceed client expectations through all of our work.

Results: Rewarding outcomes, not activities.

Integrity: By having consistency in our behavior; doing what we say we are going to do.

Respect: By treating everyone with dignity and consideration, celebrating and embracing our differences.

Engagement: By making an emotional commitment to the organization and its goals.

Open Communication: By promoting a structure that encourages honest and clear communication giving freedom to openly express ideas and disagree, challenge and debate.

Entrepreneurial Spirit: By having ownership in and over one’s work; seizing the right opportunities in a deliberate and considerate manner; embracing triumphs and failures, using both to learn and improve; fostering personal and professional growth through continuous improvement, development and learning.