With decades of hands-on experience in field services, Dynamic Risk’s team can deliver benchmarking, process improvements, and end-to-end assessment of your field assets.

We don’t simply audit data from our desks. Team members go to the field to collect data and observations about your wells, pipelines and facilities. This “in the field collection process” results in the most current information on which you can base your decisions. Of added benefit, while the data is used for abandonment decision making, it is also shared with other lines of business, reducing the need for additional teams to conduct site visits, which in turn lowers operating costs.

Data is collected electronically, resulting in sophisticated databases far better than current industry practices: spreadsheets and their associated risk. We use the latest GPS and unmanned aerial vehicles for speed and accuracy to create data that’s geotagged and analyzed in Geographic Information Systems. We record what we find, where we found it and when … resulting in the most current and “real-time” information possible.

Field services deliverables and benefits include:

  • Photographic inventory of field assets evidencing surface equipment condition, connectivity and site accessibility
  • Geocoded photos, videos, and drone imagery
  • Structured connectivity data that allows tracing between well, pipelines and facilities and the automatic creation of schematic diagrams
  • Displaying of all collected data and assets by web-based platform


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