Our consulting services assist our clients to effectively manage asset risk from construction or acquisition, through to operations and maintenance, and finally to abandonment or divestiture. Our clients receive improved system safety and reliability, higher asset performance and overall lower operational costs.


Our team provides each of our clients with a risk model solution that best fits their needs whether it’s corporate, regulatory, or operational. We achieve this by providing an agile-based risk model development and implementation process. Our approach is flexible and accommodates everything from a full development of a comprehensive model, to the implementation of our industry leading fully functional risk models. This approach ensures we deliver the right risk model for our clients for full confidence in their decision making.

Risk Management Brochure

Product Paper: Enterprise Risk Management System Development

The development of an ERM system should be fact-based and method driven, relying for guidance on appropriate and selected elements of industry recognized asset management and certification programs.

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Our pipeline risk assessment expertise and technology includes the following core areas:

  • Risk assessment in support of acquisition & divestiture
  • Risk assessment in support of conceptual, preliminary and/or final risk based design
  • Design phase integrity analysis and planning support
  • Operational risk assessment
  • Change of service risk assessment
  • Investment Planning


An enterprise risk management (ERM) system development comprises a series of processes and linkages that must encompass the present risk management framework and fit within the overall corporate and asset management system and developed safety culture. Dynamic Risk leverages previous risk management studies and models, integrity assessment results and inspection datasets in application with appropriate elements of the consensus industry standards to address the three key elements of pipeline safety: process safety, safety culture and asset management.

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