We launched Dynamic Risk in 1996 to revolutionize pipeline risk management across North America. And we have been evolving our industry-leading expertise to meet your needs ever since.

Your success depends on making good decisions. The foundation of your decisions is accurate and timely data-driven information. That’s our role. Our consulting, along with our IRAS Suite of risk and integrity management applications, optimize risk-informed decisions through an asset’s entire life cycle.

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Working with leaders across the USA, Canada and the globe 

Our IRAS software models pipeline systems, to proactively determine where threats exist and provide powerful analytics to assess and determine mitigative options and time-to-failure. In addition, we offer advisory services to energy companies on the risk of their assets and optimize maintenance activities to ensure safe, reliable, and efficient operation.

From gathering systems, midstream pipelines, transmission pipelines and distribution networks, we have the in-house expertise to provide complete pipeline risk assessment, data management, and compliance reporting.

If you want to improve the reliability and safety of your pipeline assets while decreasing operation and maintenance cost through improved decision making, we are your integrity management partner.

We are the only company to effectively utilize both qualitative and quantitative risk analysis across the complete energy supply chain.


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