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    Ryan Mrozowich

    Senior Solution Analyst, Implementation

    How many years have you been with Dynamic Risk? I’ve been with the company for over five years. I am responsible for implementing software solutions, training, conducting software demonstrations, working with our development team and providing support. I look for ways to help our clients get everything they want and need out of our software solution.

    What is special about the Dynamic Risk workplace? I would say that Dynamic Risk is special because of the people. My coworkers are nice to work with and I can learn from them every day. They help keep the work fun and solutions focused. Everyone helps each other so there is a lot of teamwork and a vast pool of knowledgeable and technically sound people who share innovative solutions. We help each other find better and more efficient ways to approach the work.

    How does Dynamic Risk build a positive work culture? Dynamic Risk builds a positive work culture by providing opportunities to learn. There is a lot of knowledge that gets passed down to the team. When you are given a chance to learn, it creates a growth mindset. Should you fail, we make the correction and learn from it. My manager is positive, encouraging, and provides feedback that makes me feel good about my job and the work that I am doing.

    What do you like most about your current role as a Senior Solution Analyst, Implementation? I like to show our clients the benefits of the software so that it saves them time and they can become more efficient. It’s exciting to see a client succeed and I feel a sense of accomplishment. It’s rewarding when the client has a positive interaction and when I see how I make a direct contribution to the client’s success. When we combine our technical skills in technology and services, the client receives the most benefit. I want to leave a positive impression so everyone I work with has a good experience.

    What activities do you like to do outside of work? I am an avid gamer. I like challenges, competition, and problem-solving. I want to prove that I can meet challenges and put in the effort to succeed. These skills translate into the work environment because I won’t give up until I see that the client is successful. I also enjoy traveling and I am planning trips to Japan, Poland, the Czech Republic, and the Philippines.

    What is the next challenge you want to accomplish? I’ve always been interested in the growing scene of E-Sports. Along with friends, I have been exploring ideas to bring my hobbies and interests together with emerging business opportunities. It is very exciting to see where technology will take us.