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    Talent Spotlight
    Calvin Chan

    Can you please introduce yourself?
    My name is Calvin Chan and I’m a Software Engineer at Dynamic Risk.

    How long have you worked at Dynamic Risk?
    I’ve worked at Dynamic Risk for almost 4-years now.

    Can you tell our audience what you do at Dynamic Risk?
    As a software engineer, I gather the business requirements, translate them in to technical specifications and then build reliable software for our clients.

    Please describe yourself in 3-words.
    I would describe myself as the “man of focus.” Whenever I get in to a task, I can become very focused and only get the task done. But, I’ve come to realize that when I’m so focused on one task I become narrow minded. So, I’m still working on finding the balance between the two.

    Tell us about the exciting work you do!
    The new work that we’re doing now is what we call “distributing computing.” Instead of requiring traditional local computers to do the work for us, we can utilize computing to do all the complex calculations and processing of big data for us. The sky is the limit basically.

    What music is playing in your headphones while at work?
    I like all kinds of music: classics from the 80’s and today, classical music, soundtracks from movies, The Beatles and nowadays I’m listening to Billie Eilish.

    What does the future hold for you?
    I tend not to think to far ahead, I like to enjoy the moment. What I’m excited about right now is getting back to my desk and getting back to work! But, I’m also excited that after work I get to see my wife and have a nice dinner!