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    We admit it, we’re selective about the Team Members we invite to join Dynamic Risk.

    Step 1: First Contact: You’ve reached out to us in response to an opening, or maybe you’ve heard about the work we do or the culture we’ve created. We might have gone looking for you or maybe you’ve been referred to us. However you land at our front door, we’re happy you are here.

    Step 2: Initial Review: We conduct a thorough review of your qualifications and experience to assess fit to our opportunities. For some, this means they proceed to Step 3, for others, we add them to our Talent Community and regularly review them against our hiring needs.

    Step 3: Getting to Know You: What are you looking for? What experience have you gained? What do you know about Dynamic Risk? These are a few questions we ask in our first screening interview as you share your story and your career aspirations.

    Step 4: Getting into the Details: This is often your first introduction to our hiring team. Now that we know a bit more about you, in this step we dig into your industry and discipline knowledge and technical skills. This touch point helps us determine if you meet the requirements of the role. For our junior roles, we make our decision at this stage.

    Step 5: Show us What you’ve Got: For some of our intermediate and all of our senior roles we ask you to prepare a short presentation for us. This helps us understand how you handle yourself when all eyes are on you.

    Step 6: The Offer: We begin with the end in mind with the presentation of a Term Sheet. This gives us a chance to make sure we are aligned on the big items – salary, start date, and responsibilities. We then speak with your references, conduct background screening and when we have the all clear, you are presented with employment documents.

    Step 7: On Boarding: A bespoke on-boarding plan is created for you. In addition to introducing you to the Company and how we do things, during the first month, we schedule touch points for you with key individuals and departments you’ll work most closely with.

    Talent Spotlight
    Wes Allanbrook – Product Manager

    Armando Borjas - Talent Spotlight

    Introduce yourself and elaborate on the expertise that you bring to Dynamic Risk?
    My name is Wes Allanbrook and I am the Product Manager at Dynamic Risk and oversee the development of our IRAS software suite and our Advanced Analytics solutions. I have 20 years of experience within the energy industry, either as an engineering consultant or have worked directly for oil and gas operators as a Senior Integrity Engineer. Having the opportunity to be a “Superuser” for Dynamic Risk’s IRAS software suite significantly facilitated my transition into the Product Manager role by combining my strong technical engineering expertise with a deep understanding of how integrity management software applications are used by our clients.

    How has Dynamic Risk helped you in your career development?
    When I was working for a large Transmission operator, I worked alongside Dynamic Risk to advance our integrity program forward with respect to data management and consistent processes for using integrity data. This initiative helped shape the way that I approach many workplace challenges and also helped me better understand the value of combining software and data for effective pipeline integrity management.

    Which initiative are you most proud of and why?
    It is really hard to objectively compare the projects that I have worked on, however, I think the ones that I am most proud of are those that have had a lasting impact regardless of how large or small they were. A particular project we are working on right now to advance our ability to better manage and use data is very exciting and ultimately may end up on my list of projects I am most proud to have led.

    How do you help our clients innovate?
    I spend a significant amount of time trying to understand why a client is requesting help or performing a task to make sure that the approach we implement or the tools we use are helping address the underlying causes. That has always been how I like to approach solutions and has been typically well-received. My priority is to ensure I provide a solution for a client that truly meets their needs. It is ingrained in my approach to obtaining a solid understanding of each scenario, through the use of detailed data and analysis, so I can accurately assess each situation and offer trusted data-driven recommendations.

    Do you have any tips or tricks for using our IRAS suite of applications?
    Yes, I do. It is important to understand two key items; What goal are you trying to achieve with the application, and what are the data and data quality requirements to achieve this goal. Lacking a clear answer to these questions can lead to a lot of re-work and frustration around expectations of your results. In addition, do not be shy about asking for support. Our Partner Portal provides a vast library of resources, including training manuals, user workflow videos, and application feature/functionality sheets. Our Subject Matter Experts, which include software developers, database architects, and engineers, are available to offer assistance and ensure your questions are answered. We continue to work closely with our clients to ensure they have training and knowledge to get the most value out of our IRAS Suite of applications.

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