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    We admit it, we’re selective about the Team Members we invite to join Dynamic Risk.

    Step 1: First Contact: You’ve reached out to us in response to an opening, or maybe you’ve heard about the work we do or the culture we’ve created. We might have gone looking for you or maybe you’ve been referred to us. However you land at our front door, we’re happy you are here.

    Step 2: Initial Review: We conduct a thorough review of your qualifications and experience to assess fit to our opportunities. For some, this means they proceed to Step 3, for others, we add them to our Talent Community and regularly review them against our hiring needs.

    Step 3: Getting to Know You: What are you looking for? What experience have you gained? What do you know about Dynamic Risk? These are a few questions we ask in our first screening interview as you share your story and your career aspirations.

    Step 4: Getting into the Details: This is often your first introduction to our hiring team. Now that we know a bit more about you, in this step we dig into your industry and discipline knowledge and technical skills. This touch point helps us determine if you meet the requirements of the role. For our junior roles, we make our decision at this stage.

    Step 5: Show us What you’ve Got: For some of our intermediate and all of our senior roles we ask you to prepare a short presentation for us. This helps us understand how you handle yourself when all eyes are on you.

    Step 6: The Offer: We begin with the end in mind with the presentation of a Term Sheet. This gives us a chance to make sure we are aligned on the big items – salary, start date, and responsibilities. We then speak with your references, conduct background screening and when we have the all clear, you are presented with employment documents.

    Step 7: On Boarding: A bespoke on-boarding plan is created for you. In addition to introducing you to the Company and how we do things, during the first month, we schedule touch points for you with key individuals and departments you’ll work most closely with.



    Talent Spotlight
    Winston Lee – Configuration Architect

    Winston Lee Talent SPotlight

    1) Introduce yourself and elaborate on your career at Dynamic Risk.
    Hello, I’m Winston Lee. After twenty years of service, I’m currently employed as a Configuration Architect at Dynamic Risk. I tell my friends and family that I configure clients’ databases and risk applications so that their data can be processed or used within our IRAS applications. I deliver the data analyses that are required for our clients to make informed decisions about their assets.

    2) How has your career changed since joining Dynamic Risk?
    What a story! My educational background is in both Biochemistry and Cellular, Microbial, and Molecular Biology. Before my time at Dynamic Risk, I worked in the Food Chemistry, Ballistic/Wear Ceramics, and Telecommunications (3G hardware) industries.

    My role at Dynamic Risk started as a favour to the Founder, Glenn Yuen. My primary objective was digitalizing paper records from BP Gulf of Mexico in 2001. Back then, the only software application was DataView. BP marked the development of our RiskAnalyst application, and I was tasked with maintaining and creating documentation for the software developers. I developed the Risk Design Document and Risk Variable List. I worked with the Engineers in interpreting the Risk Algorithm document into a more usable form for our developers and Data/GIS departments. In doing so, I gained more experience working with both our Software Development Teams and Database/GIS Teams.

    A little-known fact, I had the opportunity to play with GIS software at the very beginning, as we were transitioning from AutoCAD to ArcGIS. Also, I spent time as a Project Manager for BP and other clients in 2006 – 2008.

    In my evolving role, I understand more of the intricacies of software development and our IRAS database. I can read the code but can’t write any! I had a role in shaping our Version 4, 5, and 6.0 Risk Applications and Algorithm. Within the current environment, I am both creating the algorithms and directing data processing within the Risk Application.

    I have become a Subject Matter Expert with software development, data analysis, and engineering. I work closely with these three groups to troubleshoot or diagnose issues. It enables me the unique ability to figure out novel solutions. Currently, I am highly specialized in our risk products. The experience that I have gained required no formal training. Dynamic Risk has certainly encouraged me to be a better team member, which is required in a highly collaborative environment.

    3) What is your favourite piece of advice that you have received at Dynamic Risk?
    Over the past twenty years, I’ve had the opportunity to get to know many people, employees and clients alike. With each of these encounters, there has usually been something that usually stuck.

    Jim Mihell, our former Vice President Engineering once told me, “You know you’re right, they think they’re right, your job is to make everyone feel they are right.” It is about compromise and knowing the limitations and coming to a point where everyone is a winner.

    Ashley Gorham, a former client and BP Engineer, once advised me to “Play to my strengths and stick with these. Don’t oversell and recognize your limitations and you will do well.” I keep this in mind every day. If there is something I do not know, I will find out how and add it to my skill set.

    One of my favourite projects at Dynamic Risk was with BP Alaska in 2006. The project needed all-hands-on-deck surrounding a very controversial time for BP and Operations. It also marked an opportunity to work in the field and travel. I find travelling rewarding because it focuses on making one self-reliant. I remember having to run the risk application overnight with data that I gathered the same day. I had an overheating machine running with me. I had to turn on the air conditioning in my room to prop the laptop over it, in February!

    4) What is your proudest moment at Dynamic Risk?
    I am proud to have remained with Dynamic Risk for twenty years! Certainly an achievement in this day and age in which we can both find value in one another.

    A new challenge is always right around the corner. The work does not stagnate for long because our relationships with clients tend to last long. I have made connections with colleagues that have been profoundly rewarding. I enjoy watching their growth, both professionally and personally. Frankly, it has been inspirational. Dynamic Risk has grown quite a bit from that office of ten employees when I started. We have become more technical and customer service-focused with a diverse client base.

    5) Where can you usually be found on the weekends?
    I can usually be found running errands and cycling. I am also a LEGO enthusiast. Pre-pandemic, I was involved in several LEGO events as a participant and coordinator. I assisted other LEGO artists with commissioned projects. Most recently, I have been involved in FIRST LEGO League Challenge. FIRST is a LEGO-based initiative for young students to get involved in robotics and technology projects (STEM). I hope to get back to doing these rewarding activities in the community.
    My partner is a FIRST coach and robotics instructor at a high school. Last week, I was involved in her workshop developing challenges for the IndigiSTEAM program!