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    Yoko Nakazato

    Introduce yourself and elaborate on your experience at Dynamic Risk.
    My name is Yoko Nakazato. I’m a member of the Principal Consulting Team and I have been with Dynamic Risk for two and a half years. I have over ten years of pipeline operator experience with over twelve years of consulting experience. My area of expertise includes corrosion, coating, and cathodic protection. I’m familiar with several integrity programs and preventative maintenance programs and I’ve managed almost every asset integrity program from an operator perspective.

    Tell us something interesting about your role?
    I think every day is interesting in my role. The Principal Consulting Team takes care of a variety of work from root cause failure investigations, management system audits, to helping clients develop and improve integrity management programs. The team is comprised of individuals with extensive experience in many different areas. Most of us have twenty or more years of experience in the asset integrity and pipeline integrity industry making our Principal Consulting team unique. We bring different perspectives of integrity expertise and cover every aspect of integrity and risk management. “If you have a problem that no one else can handle, you can call the Principal Consulting Team”.

    In the industry, who are the people who have been your mentors and why?
    I have been very fortunate in this area. I believe that you need a good mentor to be successful in your career. A mentor can give you day-to-day and technical advice. One of my first mentors was Daryle Warnke. To this day, he acts as my mentor and is currently a member of our Priority Services team. Also, I have worked closely with Terri Funk and Robert Leigh, who have both been very influential in my career as mentors.

    Recently I’ve had the pleasure of working with Ben Mittelstadt, Philip Nidd, and Patrick Vieth. I had the opportunity to work with Patrick twenty years ago at CC Technologies. All three continue to be great mentors for me. Each of them brings a different perspective to the table. After twenty years in the industry, I continue to learn at Dynamic Risk. When I left CC Technologies, Patrick told me that the door is always open to return. When I joined Dynamic Risk, working with Patrick again was appealing because his work and reputation in the field, is outstanding.

    In your career, what are some of the greatest challenges that you have seen the industry overcome?
    We are living a big challenge right now. Dynamic Risk is extremely well-positioned to deal with these types of challenges. All we can do is prepare. My favourite quote is, ‘luck happens when preparedness meets opportunity’. I’m not lucky, I am always prepared! Especially during this time, we need to understand that our clients are facing a many challenge. Dynamic Risk has done a very good job of navigating these challenges and staying connected with our client’s needs. I’m very fortunate to work here.

    What are you most excited about for the future at Dynamic Risk?
    The opportunity for our software to complement our strong consulting arm, and as such have assigned dedicated resources like Vincent Soo, Dynamic Risk’s Technology Enablement Engineer for software advancement initiatives that will take us to the next level. Everyone in the organization is open to feedback to help make us better and we continually strive to innovate and make improvements. Acquiring talent like Conan Farrell, Dynamic Risk’s Director, Technical  Services gives the company an enhanced ability to work on these improvements, whether internal or external. Dynamic Risk has a wide range of skillsets, which allows us to come up with unique solutions to a variety of problems.  We have some new team members and there is a lot of great initiatives happening at Dynamic Risk – I am excited about the future.