The IRAS Suite of applications is the most widely deployed risk management software in North America.

Configurable and user-friendly, the IRAS platform integrates pipelines, operations, repairs, maintenance activities, inspections, pipeline threats, consequences, and other critical data, programmatically ensuring data accuracy and security. The end results are comprehensive self-serve analytics, reporting and GIS-based maps that help plan and schedule activities across an organization, improving operational awareness, and decreasing costs.

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“A key driver to first engage with Dynamic Risk was the realization to have a more robust Risk Model in place that offered a better risk algorithm and viewing capabilities to support our Integrity Management Program (IMP). Roughly 75% of mid-level pipeline operators in industry recommend using Dynamic Risk’s IRAS suite of software applications to support an efficient and effective IMP. Through leveraging the software applications; RiskAnalyst, ILIAnalyst and Dataview, we are better able to manage our pipeline segments and risk factors with near real-time results as opposed to the time consuming, manual process we historically used with excel spreadsheets. The implementation process has gone very well with open communication working alongside an innovative team”

– Bryan Klemm, Integrity Engineering Supervisor, Crimson Midstream.

IRAS Agile Implementation Program

Get Up and Running in 8 – 12 Weeks

Implementing new technology solutions as part of your integrity management practices can have a tremendous impact on regulatory compliance, safe pipeline operations and on how you get work done. Our Quick Start Implementation Program is a proven system process that enables you to be up and running quickly and ensure that your organization realizes value within the first sixty days.

Quick Start follows the Agile Development Methodology with a “rolling implementation” that mitigates any number of implementation disruptions while positively affecting project timelines and creating small wins early. Frequent checkpoints allow organizations to be responsive to change, celebrate small successes, leverage momentum and quickly adjust to feedback and market conditions.


DataExchange is the core application within Dynamic Risk’s IRAS integration architecture facilitating the integration and exchange of data between IRAS and source system data.
  • Core application within Dynamic Risk’s integration architecture

  • Facilitates the integration of data from source systems

  • Driven by a configurable set of business rules

  • Provides programmatic QC and validation checks

  • Generates reports identifying missing data, errors, and out of range data

  • Ability to further process data from multiple sources creating new or subsets of information

  • Ability to convert spatial information into linear events or derive spatial locations from linear events


IRAS DataExchange


IRAS RiskAnalyst provides the processing, workflow support and analytics to identify a pipeline system’s threats and consequences, and assess the risk of a potential failure..
  • Operator, 3rd party, DRAS algorithm support

  • Case study, what if analysis support

  • Equation editor for user risk model modification/configuration

  • Identification of high consequence areas and pipeline consequence analysis

  • Identification and display of raw data used in the risk calculations

  • Comparison of failure likelihood and consequences

  • Identification of threat, threat interaction and mitigation alternatives


IRAS RiskAnalyst


Advance analysis beyond spreadsheets with compiling and configuring current and accurate inline inspection data to prioritize risk severity for pipeline integrity assessments and maintenance.
  • QC, alignment, characterization, and loading ILI data files for ILI data integration and detailed analysis

  • Joint anomaly matching and weld to weld comparison

  • Notable exceptions reporting

  • Anomaly growth and excavation and repair scheduling

  • B31G, 0.85dL and RSTRENG remaining strength assessment

  • Automated Probability of Exceedance (POE) calculations

  • Identification of threat, threat interaction and mitigation alternatives

  • Correlation of “predicted” versus “actual” anomaly information


ILI Analyst


IRAS ComplianceAuditor is a robust application that can conduct a comprehensive review of your organization’s current safety measures and regulatory standards to ensure safe and compliant pipeline operations.
  • Support for Class Location Analysis, HCA Analysis, Calculation and Verification

  • In complete compliance with 49 CFR 192

  • Class Location analysis with configurable adjustment for clustering and 4-storey building prevalence

  • HCA analysis support for Method 1 and/or Method 2 with MCA calculation support

  • Canadian Class Location compliance with CSA Z662 requirements

  • High-performance dense area processing

  • Single or multi-line processing

  • Dynamic integration, alignment and visualization

  • Change management providing for legacy retention and comparative analytics for year to year review


IRAS ComplianceAuditor

IRAS Query

Query is an IRAS data mining and dashboarding app. Simple drag and drop report builders will allow even inexperienced report designers to create interactive dashboards in minutes.
  • MS Excel style field filtering and sorting using user definable criteria

  • Filter using spatial items, ILI data and risk assessment results

  • View results using dashboards or spreadsheet format

  • Create templates for common reporting needs

  • Save and share results using HTML, XML, MS Excel or pdf for use in any desktop application

  • Save results using HTML, XML, MS Excel for use in any desktop application


IRAS Query

IRAS DataView

A comprehensive, interactive app to view and analyze pipeline risk and integrity data in a relational and graphical format.
  • Dynamic, digital alignment sheet

  • Easy to use, GIS enabled data visualization tool

  • Synchronized interaction between map (spatial) view, charts (data bands) and reports


IRAS DataView

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Dynamic Risk’s technology and consulting services optimize risk-informed decision making to manage risk through an asset’s entire life cycle. Our software models pipeline systems to proactively determine where they are most likely to fail and the corresponding consequences of unintended releases. From gathering systems, midstream pipelines, transmission pipelines, and distribution networks, we have software applications and in-house expertise to provide complete pipeline risk assessment, data management and compliance reporting.