Reliability Assurance Management

A Turnkey Integrity Management Solution

To support pipeline operators with managing your pipeline risks and integrity programs, Dynamic Risk, together with our sister company NDT Global, have created a customizable, scalable solution – Reliability Assurance Management.

This highly accurate and ultra-reliable inline inspection data solution, combined with leading risk and integrity management domain expertise, provides pipeline operators with vital data analytics and engineering analysis.


  • In-line Inspection: Application of ultra-high-resolution technologies to detect, diagnose and model every type of threat across any class of asset inclusive of circumferential or axial cracks, internal and external metal loss, dents and ovalities.
  • Data Analytics: Leverages integrity data sets including material properties, operating parameters, in-line inspection data and non-destructive testing examination data; accounts for data uncertainties as a basis for engineering assessment and fitness for purpose evaluations
  • Reliability Targets: Defines asset limit states (risk or reliability targets) as a basis for engineering assessments and fitness for service evaluations
  • Regulatory Compliance: Regulatory compliance is considered a minimum requirement; Leverages integrity program processes and data sets to establish that integrity management programs meet regulatory requirements

Integrity Management Workflow


  • Industry Resource Expertise – Augment existing internal resources with a team of pipeline integrity experts
  • Regulatory Compliance – Proactive approach to meet current industry regulations and everchanging new mandates
  • Asset Safety and Reliability – Reduce potential risks and improve pipeline performance through accurate inspections and data diagnostics
  • Protection of Capital Investment – Improve allocation of integrity spend with a focus on highest priority activities
  • Turnkey Solution – Access to a flexible and scalable service to best meet your business needs. Minimize time spent managing multiple service providers

Reliability Assurance Management Brochure

Contact us today to learn how our joint solution offering supports complete pipeline reliability assurance and performance. Our team will work with you to develop a customized offering to best meet your specific needs and budget requirements.