“Being a relatively new company, I think it is important to accept that we are an upstream production company, we are not experts at determining pipeline risk. In order to succeed and position Jupiter well for future growth, we need to focus on what we do best in producing wells and partner with experts in pipeline risk assessment and mitigation.”

Paul Toews, EIT
Jupiter Resources

UPSTREAM Pipeline Suite


Explorer provides upstream operators the ability to manage, view, analyze, report and plan work activities across their entire asset integrity team via desktop, web platform or mobile tablets.
  • Consolidate and manage your pipeline integrity data from any source

  • Data can be displayed in a variety of formats including charts, tabs and map symbologies

  • Identify high risk segments, track action items and plan integrity management activities

  • Documentation can be easily accessed and utilized for regulatory audits

  • Advanced reporting for confident and trusted decision making




DataExchange is the core application within Dynamic Risk’s IRAS integration architecture facilitating the integration and exchange of data between IRAS and source system data.
  • Core application within Dynamic Risk’s integration architecture

  • Facilitates the integration of data from source systems

  • Driven by a configurable set of business rules

  • Provides programmatic QC and validation checks

  • Generates reports identifying missing data, errors, and out of range data

  • Ability to further process data from multiple sources creating new or subsets of information

  • Ability to convert spatial information into linear events or derive spatial locations from linear events


IRAS DataExchange


Advance analysis beyond spreadsheets with compiling and configuring current and accurate inline inspection data to prioritize risk severity for pipeline integrity assessments and maintenance.
  • QC, alignment, characterization, and loading ILI data files for ILI data integration and detailed analysis

  • Joint anomaly matching and weld to weld comparison

  • Notable exceptions reporting

  • Anomaly growth and excavation and repair scheduling

  • B31G, 0.85dL and RSTRENG remaining strength assessment

  • Automated Probability of Exceedance (POE) calculations

  • Correlation of “predicted” versus “actual” anomaly information



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