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Compensation & Rewards:
Salary bands and company financial performance is communicated broadly while individual salaries and rewards are safeguarded.

People: Fit is very important to us because while it may sound a bit corny – we like each other. That goes a long way in creating a collaborative and cooperative work environment where Team Members work closely and across disciplines in service of our customers.

Health and Wellbeing: We support the physical, emotional and financial health and well-being of our Team Members and their families. 

Workplace: We promote a respectful workplace environment through open communication and transparent leadership. We coach as a default and manage when we need to.

Collaboration: We believe the best solutions for our customers emerge when we share perspectives and ensure all voices are heard.

Continuous Learning:
Team Members have access to continuous learning through on-line platforms, on the job learning and professional development opportunities.

Executive Spotlight: Trevor MacFarlane


What compelled you to join Dynamic Risk 20-years ago?

Wow, 20-years ago! Thanks for reminding me!

At the time, I was working for a pipeline company and I had some exposure to Dynamic Risk. I really liked what the Founder, Glenn Yuen, was doing with respect to using technology and trying to find a better way to operate pipelines. The future of pipeline safety and reliability was really compelling to me – using technology and really doing it differently.

During your 20-years in the industry, what’s the biggest challenge you’ve seen?

That’s a great question. A lot has changed in the industry over those years but I think the biggest thing that is different today is really around the social acceptance of pipelines.

Ten to fifteen years ago, pipelines were built with a lot of consideration and care, with a lot of discussion with communities and various stakeholders. And because of that openness it was a “win-win” and for the most part — those pipelines that were built and constructed during this time were done so well.

I think today the environment is much different. And unfortunate as an industry, I think we lost control of the narrative a bit — we allowed some of that to be taken for granted and that’s resulted in the situations that we’re in today. We’re really playing catch-up. So, I think social acceptance around pipelines is clearly the biggest challenge and likely the biggest change.

What is your “why”? Why do you get up in the morning and what inspires you to lead Dynamic Risk?

A lot of people have an external “why” — they talk about the value they bring customers; they talk about how their products change consumer behavior. Things like that. For me, the “why” is really an internal “why.” I really get excited around seeing people grow and take on new opportunities, seeing them grow in to leadership positions and I think that’s one of the biggest roles and most important roles as a CEO. It’s helping build leaders.

What I mean by that is: leadership within. Leadership that is learned and demonstrated. When I see an organization and people grow in to great new roles and challenge themselves differently, I think that’s the biggest success and really what motivates me to come to work every day.

What are three key words that describe what it takes to be successful and grow an industry leading, innovative company?

First, you have to be fearless. You really can’t be afraid to make mistakes. I think if you are, nothing meaningful can be accomplished. So, I think coming in and not being afraid to make mistakes is key.

Next, I think perseverance. Consulting is tough. Technology is tough. You need to get up everyday and really give it your best effort and always move forward.

And humility — it’s really important that you embrace what you have around you. You embrace that you might not have all the answers. You allow the great people you’ve surrounded yourself with to really be the hero of their story.

Wall of Fame

Dynamic Risk is company of talented individuals who come to work each day to solve the most challenging problems that face our industry.

Several times each year, we celebrate Team Member service by gathering to share stories and highlight individual’s accomplishments.

Our presentations are always well attended, heartfelt and often elicit a lot of laughter. We enjoy the opportunity to recognize our Team Members and thank them for their service and their continuing contribution to our work environment and culture.