Our Dynamic Timeline

Opportunity Thrives Here

Compensation & Rewards:
Salary bands and company financial performance is communicated broadly while individual salaries and rewards are safeguarded.


People: Fit is very important to us because while it may sound a bit corny – we like each other. That goes a long way in creating a collaborative and cooperative work environment where Team Members work closely and across disciplines in service of our customers.


Health and Wellbeing: We support the physical, emotional and financial health and well-being of our Team Members and their families.


Workplace: We promote a respectful workplace environment through open communication and transparent leadership. We coach as a default and manage when we need to.


Collaboration: We believe the best solutions for our customers emerge when we share perspectives and ensure all voices are heard.

Continuous Learning:
Team Members have access to continuous learning through on-line platforms, on the job learning and professional development opportunities.

Join Us in Celebrating our 25th Anniversary

2021 marks Dynamic Risk’s 25th Anniversary and we are grateful to all of our valuable clients, team members and industry peers whom we’ve had the pleasure join us on this remarkable journey. To celebrate this historic milestone, we have developed a video series that showcases a few of our Alumni, Clients, Executive Leadership Team and Team members with their thoughtful reflection of what is meaningful to them reminiscing of the past, a view of the present, and what we can look forward to looking ahead.

Wall of Fame

Dynamic Risk is company of talented individuals who come to work each day to solve the most challenging problems that face our industry.

Several times each year, we celebrate Team Member service by gathering to share stories and highlight individual’s accomplishments.

Our presentations are always well attended, heartfelt and often elicit a lot of laughter. We enjoy the opportunity to recognize our Team Members and thank them for their service and their continuing contribution to our work environment and culture.