Have you been audited by a regulatory body and aren’t sure where to start to meet compliance requirements? Do you have a regulatory audit scheduled that you need to prepare for?

Dynamic Risk’s team of regulatory compliance experts can help by acting as an extension of your Integrity Management Team. You will benefit from our team members’ regulatory credibility, industry knowledge and exposure to global best practices. Some of our regulatory compliance advisory services include:

  • Federal, provincial and state regulatory applicability
  • Regulatory interpretation
  • Regulatory change impact assessment
  • Jurisdictional analysis and determination
  • Regulatory compliance management and process mapping
  • Gas class, liquids HCA, gas HCA analysis and water transport analysis
  • Gas HCA determination and change management
  • Liquid overland spill analysis
  • Liquids HCA impact analysis and change management
  • Integrity and risk management programs and plan optimization
  • Incident investigations and root cause analysis
  • Litigation support
  • Safety culture assessment
  • MOP / MAOP calculation and validation

All of our on-site resources and outsourced experts are supported by a Compliance and Integrity Management Advisor who is assigned to each project. These advisors bring deep industry and operations experience. We have helped more than 70 operators, in multiple jurisdictions, to prepare for regulatory audits.


Deliverables and benefits include:

  • Immediate access to regulatory expertise, industry benchmarking and best practices
  • Offset internal staffing constraints and shortfalls
  • Improve compliance and integrity management effectiveness and efficiency
  • Provide recommendations for preventive and mitigated measures
  • Reduce operating costs

Learn more about our Regulatory Compliance Services. Contact us today.