Pipeline Technology Conference (PTC) 2023

Date(s) - May 08, 2023 - May 11, 2023
All Day MST

Estrel Berlin - Hotel & Congress Center

Dynamic Risk

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Dynamic Risk will be participating in the 18th Pipeline Technology Conference (PTC), taking place in Berlin, Germany from May 8 – 11th, 2023.


PTC is Europe’s leading pipeline conference and exhibition. Pipeline and distribution network operators from all over the world will participate in PTC to learn more about current developments in the industry and exchange experiences with other operators.



Gary Yoho – Principal Consultant

Considerations and Challenges when Assessing the Conversion of a Pipeline to Hydrogen Service

Presenter: Gary Yoho, Principal Consultant

Gary’s career in the pipeline industry has spanned more than 40 years. During that time, he has engaged with pipeline design, construction, and operations, both onshore and offshore at many different levels domestically and internationally. A two-and-half year employee with Dynamic Risk as Principal Consultant, the bulk of Gary’s career has been spent with operators, both large and small. For the last decade, he has focused on pipeline integrity, serving as Manager of Asset integrity for two different midstream/upstream operators. Under the Dynamic Risk banner, Gary has led or contributed to engineering assessments and risk evaluations for operating pipelines, pipeline conversions, pipeline return-to-service and regulatory mandated activities in addition to the writing of technical procedures for pipeline maintenance and operations. Gary currently is serving as Dynamic Risk’s point consultant for pipeline issues relating to the transportation of gaseous hydrogen.

Authors: Gary Yoho, Principal Consultant; Steve Biagiotti, Chief Engineer; Phill Nidd, Operations Director, Major Projects; Kalen Jensen, Sr. Engineer, Hydrogen Projects, ATCO Gas Transmission. 

The desire to move to a more decarbonized fuel supply coupled with reduced public acceptance for new pipeline projects is driving the oil and gas industry to consider the conversion of existing transmission pipelines, both liquid and natural gas, to gaseous hydrogen service. Introduction of hydrogen into carbon steel pipelines, either as a blend or 100% hydrogen, potentially exacerbates the threat of hydrogen embrittlement with implications to pipeline integrity management. Other interaction concerns such as corrosion/ cathodic protection, cracking, external loading ROW/HCA impacts, and fatigue threats are also impacted as a result introducing hydrogen.

Industry has embraced the need to transport hydrogen, but project teams are operating out in front of consensus standards and regulatory guidance. As such, operators are encountering challenges with simply evaluating the viability of a hydrogen transport project and completing appropriate risk assessment for integrity management purposes. There is no consensus amongst North American and European standards as to what % hydrogen constitutes blended gas; therefore, it is not clear when specific design considerations need to be considered. Additionally, widely accepted pipeline integrity standards and recommended practices are largely silent on the unique impacts of hydrogen.

This paper will review the relevant industry standards for applicability, identify complementary and conflicting guidance, while offering a process roadmap for evaluation of key threats for legacy liquids and natural gas pipeline systems slated for conversion to hydrogen service. Additionally, the paper will provide a risk assessment roadmap for a structured assessment model that summarizes hazards and risks, identifies potential controls, establishes appropriate leading indicators, and describes the mitigation programs that must be in place to ensure safe operation of a hydrogen pipeline


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Dynamic Risk is pleased to exhibit at the Pipeline Technology Conference. Our solutions and software applications enable pipeline operators to make trusted, data-driven decisions to ensure safe and reliable operations, adherence to regulatory mandates, and protection of their capital investment. Stop by at booth #H10 to meet our team and learn more about how our technology-enabled solutions and advanced analytics best support pipeline safety and performance across the full asset lifecycle.

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