Dynamic Risk Featured in Pipeline & Gas Journal – Creating Efficiencies with a Turn-Key Integrity Management Solution

December’s issue features our case study “Creating Efficiencies with a Turn-Key Integrity Management Solution.”

In 2014, a Dynamic Risk’s client began developing a new 25-kilometer-long Gas Transmission pipeline project. In early 2020, the client was looking to partner with firms to provide industry-leading design, construction, operation, and integrity solutions for their pipeline system. This led the pipeline operator to approach Dynamic Risk, and as discussions between the two firms progressed, a partnership with Dynamic Risk became a clear solution to address the client’s business objectives.

Our solution was designed to guide the operator throughout the entire pipeline integrity lifecycle, offering invaluable support from the initial design and construction phase to ongoing operations. The scope of our initial engagement centered on providing expertise, encompassing expert reviews and input during the start-up and design phase, construction auditing, and commissioning.

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