Pipeline operators are required to evaluate their DIMP every 5 years, at a minimum. Furthermore, state and municipal regulators can also mandate additional regulations and requirements for the gas distribution sector.

The challenge for operators is having in-house expertise and knowledge of the requirements in developing and actively managing an effective distribution integrity management program (DIMP) and to remain compliant with the regulations.

Consulting Services

Dynamic Risk works with industry leading engineers and distribution integrity management consultants to support operators who do not have in-house resources and expertise in developing and managing DIMPs and risk mitigation activities.

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Whitepaper: Preparing For PHMSA’s Mega Rule For Gas Transmission Pipelines

On October 1, 2019, PHMSA finalized a rule for gas transmission pipelines which has been in development for over eight years. This highly anticipated rule, referred to by many as the “Gas Mega Rule,” is considered to be the most significant change to the existing gas pipeline regulations since 1970.

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