We are delighted to introduce you to the People of Dynamic Risk through our new video series. We’ll be showcasing some of the key individuals that help evolve our IRAS software suite and Engineering Consulting Services.


Sergiy Kondratyuk – Senior Data Scientist

Sergiy has a strong passion for data and it truly shows. He, along with our Data Science Team, are responsible for exploring new ways to capture and interpret data, utilizing Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Causal Analysis to best support our clients with standardization and utilization of their data sets. Sergiy’s interview explores why he feels data is a key enabler for helping improve asset reliability.


Andy Haindl – Director, Client Partnerships, EMEAA Region

Andreas, or Andy as he is known across our company, has over 17 years of expertise in sales and operations across Europe, North America and the Middle East regions. He sees himself as a bridge-builder between the different regions with the goal to expand Dynamic Risk’s presence in the Eastern Hemisphere. Andy’s interview explores his role with the company and how he will be provide a high-level of support to our clients across the EMEAA region.


Pushpendra Tomar – Principal Consultant

Pushpendra is a Principal Consultant and part of our Engineering Services Team, based in Houston, Texas. He works directly with our clients to obtain a solid understanding of their needs and challenges to provide the necessary domain expertise and guidance to support critical risk and integrity management programs. Pushpendra is very proud of his team’s success, having grown from a 5-person team to over 50 team members who are trusted advisors to energy operators across the globe, ensuring they stay ahead of the curve for regulatory requirements and industry best practices. Learn more about how Pushpendra and his team leverage Dynamic Risk’s pipeline integrity software applications in his interview below.


Mia Kalivoda – Pipeline Integrity Engineer, E.I.T

Mia is a Pipeline Integrity Engineer, E.I.T., and part of our Upstream Services and Analytics team, based in Calgary, Alberta. She works directly with our clients to support their critical integrity management projects, including surface loading assessments for vehicle crossing over pipelines and risk assessments. These projects provide our clients a better understanding of the general health of their pipeline assets and facilitate where they should prioritize their mitigation activities. Upcoming projects Mia is looking forward to are on the regulatory compliance side, preparing reports and identifying any gaps in current programs for our clients across Canada and the United States. Learn more about Mia’s career aspirations in her interview below.


Paul Robinson – Team Lead, Quality Assurance and Business Analysis

Paul is the Quality Assurance and Business Analysis Team Lead, and part of our Software Development team, based in Calgary, Alberta.

He works closely with the software development and development operations teams to ensure that our IRAS Software performs to the highest quality. Paul’s Quality Assurance and Business Analysis team also conducts an ongoing requirement-gathering process to certify that our clients’ requirements are translated into developments specifications for the software development team. Learn more about Paul’s expertise in his interview below.


Dawinder Kaur – Integrity Engineer

Dawinder Kaur is an Integrity Engineer and part of our Integrity Services team based in Calgary, Alberta.

The Integrity Services team is responsible for tracking, organizing, and inputting customer data from multiple databases for sentencing and risk analysis. The Integrity Services team also plays a crucial role in the advancement of Dynamic Risk’s software applications, such as ILIAnalyst, as they work with the Software development team on a regular basis to add new features to our IRAS Suite of applications. Current projects Dawinder looks forward to are engineering, threat assessments, and interaction algorithms projects for our clients across Canada and the United States. Learn more about Dawinder’s expertise in her interview below.



More videos coming soon.

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