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Data Quality: The Foundation for Predictive Analytics

Wesley Allanbrook – Vice President, Technology and Product Management

‍In this recorded presentation, Wes discusses the importance of data quality to meet current industry and regulatory requirements. He will also showcase the new tools and services focused on powerful and innovative approaches to data management and integrity analysis for Oil and Gas operators by applying SME-guided Machine Learning models to our extensive integrity data warehouse, the Insight Hub.

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Risk and Engineering Solutions: IRAS ILIAnalyst

Christopher (Buddy) O’Connor – Senior Integrity Engineer

‍This session provides a real-time demonstration of our IRAS ILIAnalyst application from the perspective of a pipeline operator. Inline Inspection (ILI) work processes that are demonstrated include ILI sentencing features according to regulatory or operator-defined criteria, run-to-run comparison with feature matching, corrosion growth rate calculation, crack pressure cycling fatigue analysis, remaining life calculation, and feature remediation.

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Risk and Engineering Solutions: IRAS RiskAnalyst

Chris Lammers – Integrity Engineer & Mohamed Farag – Integrity Engineer

‍Chris and Mohamed provide a real-time demonstration of our IRAS RiskAnalyst application from the perspective of a pipeline operator. Risk work processes that are demonstrated include generating a risk matrix, identifying high-risk segments, creating individual threat views at the pipeline and dynamic segment levels, creating PMMs, and generating Risk Dashboards within RiskAnalyst.

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Industry Collaboration Panel Session – Gas Mega Rule Consortium

Ben Mittelstadt – Vice President, Strategic Business

‍In this recorded session, Ben provides an overview of our Gas Mega Rule Consortium, sharing the benefits of collaborative efforts in undertaking this initiative and emphasizing the significant value it has brought from the perspective of the pipeline operator participants.

The GMR Consortium is a Technical Working group that was established in 2021 and comprised of 3 natural gas pipeline operator companies representing a significant portion of the pipeline mileage in the US.  A strong need was recognized by this group to develop solutions to effectively implement several elements of the Gas Mega Rule and other emerging regulatory changes such as codification of class change provisions.  The consortium has provided foundational elements and technical building blocks that, when applied, can help achieve effectiveness and consistency in meeting rule requirements and improving safety and reliability

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The Future of Risk Algorithms – QRA Approach for Threats and Safety Consequence 

Pushpendra Tomar – Manager, Risk & Reliability & Tyler Klashinsky – Manager, Engineering Assessments

The session will describe models for pipeline Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA). The first half of this session will present the building blocks required to develop effective QRA threat models and consequence models that align with the current CSA Z662:23 guidelines. The second half of this session will provide information on the QRA Consortium of US gas transmission operators led by Dynamic Risk, followed by a panel discussion on the state of the art and the future of QRA.  

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Monetizing Risk for Better Decision-making

Geoff Krause – Industry Consultant

‍In this session, Geoff  explores the application of a financial capital investment methodology for a pipeline operator’s risk/consequence matrix, and how to effectively translate integrity terminology to the language of the Chief Financial Officer and facilitate financially informed integrity decision-making.

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