For many years, Canadian Oil & Gas operators have followed the guidance of the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) Z662 Standard for safety design and pipeline integrity management processes and procedures to ensure the operational safety of all pipeline assets. Since the last publication of CSA Z662:19 for Oil and Gas pipeline systems, a new version has been released in June 2023 with changes in several Clauses and Annexes. Some of the most notable changes were found in the Annex B section, which introduced the new guidelines for both safety and environmental quantitative risk acceptance criteria for pipelines.

With a basis in national and international precedent and previous background work for CSA Z662 Annexes C and O, the new CSA Z662:23 Annex B guidelines bring fresh perspectives and apply well-defined goals to achieve minimal impacts on the safety of individuals, populations and the environment. However, these changes also bring about uncertainties regarding the effort required for operators to conform to these new guidelines. Dynamic Risk, with its expertise in data collection, risk assessment, and risk reduction, utilizes CSA Z662:23 Annex B as a comprehensive guideline to navigate these uncertainties and ensure compliance.

In this recorded presentation, Cathy Lee Tetreault, Senior Integrity Specialist at Dynamic Risk, explores the following guidelines pertaining to Annex B:

  • Environmental Impact Screening
  • Safety Risk Measures – Individual Risk
  • Safety Risk Measures – Societal Risk