A comprehensive solution using advanced predictive analytics for improved data quality management and analysis.

Data Quality Assessment is an analytic solution used to index and normalize data using integrated machine learning models, logic gates, and the extensive Insight Hub Subject Matter Expert (SME) Data Library. It provides the foundation for the development of Integrity Management Programs related to pipe populations and quantitative risk assessments. It enables users to perform automated mapping and data quality analysis for pipeline attributes, materials, and operation data using a broad and consolidated dataset of detailed oil and gas pipeline information available. Augmented by Dynamic Risk’s extensive industry domain knowledge and expertise, the development of these automated systems ensures that accurate, relevant, and actionable insights are uncovered through a streamlined approach. Now your Asset Integrity teams, Risk Analysts, and Data Management personnel can leverage integrity data outside of their own domains to better categorize and quantitatively assess the quality and completeness of their datasets.

Predictive Analytics for Data Quality Assessment



  • Industry Resource Expertise – Data modeling and validation performed by a team of pipeline integrity experts
  • Optimized Risk Reduction – Proactive approach to determine potential threats and develop associated mitigation activities
  • Improved Reporting & Analysis – Facilitates prioritization of specific areas and pipelines to collect Traceable, Verifiable, and Complete (TVC) data
  • Improved Operational Performance – Decreased time and operational expenditure to focus resources on highest priority activities
  • Single Source of Truth – Operators benefit from a “single source of truth” containing consolidated and reliable information that can be used to make integrity decisions.


Data Quality Assessment Brochure    

About Insight Hub

Insight Hub participants benefit from access to quantitative and predictive analysis built on an anonymized data repository many times the size of any single pipeline system. Users can benchmark pipeline reliability and performance data against a collection of comprehensive integrity data that is unique in size and scope. Dynamic Risk has partnered with a growing number of pipeline operators to compile the vast amount of available data from their pipeline assets into our Insight Hub, containing pipeline and integrity data for over 140,000 km of pipe ranging from large diameter/Transmission pipelines to small diameter and/or Distribution systems from pipeline operators in North America. This wealth of data enables the development of advanced analytic tools that leverage the Insight Hub dataset to predict and quantify the expected performance of pipeline assets and the confidence of those predictions.

Why Dynamic Risk?

Our team of industry experts, data scientists, and analytics specialists, coupled with the industry’s largest, most comprehensive pipeline data warehouse, enables our clients to plan the best path forward for the health and safety of their pipeline infrastructure. Contact us today to learn how Insight Hub and our advanced Data Quality Assessment can maximize the value of your integrity budget by creating a thorough Asset Management Plan to measure performance, optimize risk reduction, and decrease operational spending.