Optimizing The Value of Upstream Pipeline Integrity Data

Upstream Asset Integrity teams are recognizing the need for an improved understanding of upstream assets to protect capital investment, mitigate risk, ensure public safety, and adhere to regional and federal regulations.
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Enterprise Risk Management System Development

The development of an ERM system should be fact-based and method driven, relying for guidance on appropriate and selected elements of industry recognized asset management and certification programs.
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Analytics Governance

Once you have created an analytic model on a self-serve platform, how can you be sure it is accurate and useful? With a solid Analytics Governance program.
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Case Study: Jupiter Resources

Read how Jupiter Resources successfully built a pipeline integrity management program that its executive considers a firm asset (not just a cost of doing business).
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Analysis Beyond Spreadsheets

Learn how business intelligence (BI) empowers fact-based risk and integrity management decision making. Includes "5 Guidelines for BI Project Success".
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Pipeline Data In Motion

Our latest white paper Pipeline Data In Motion discusses automated data integration and its impact on pipeline risk and integrity management programs.
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An Effective Integrity Management Solution Begins Before Implementation

Our latest white paper An Effective Integrity Management Solution Begins Before Implementation provides best practices and guidance to help ensure your technology investment is as successful as possible ... starting even before you implement it.
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Explore the Evolution of Risk Assessment

The white paper The True Value of Pipeline Risk Management by Patrick Vieth, a respected expert in pipeline risk and integrity strategies, offers a perspective on not only how pipeline risk assessment can be performed, but understanding the ‘why’ risk results are often relied upon for various stakeholders.

The white paper outlines useful strategies to help you envision a journey to a comprehensive risk management program that meets stakeholder needs, while delivering an effective and efficient result.
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