Description: PHMSAs’ Gas Mega Rule Part 1 has become a significant area of consideration for US Transmission and Midstream operators. Massive resources will be required to achieve compliance via a myriad of interrelated activities on pipelines subject to the expanded requirements for MAOP reconfirmation, Material Verification, and Integrity Assessments. Inefficiency can lead to non-compliance or misallocation of resources (waste) or unnecessary activities such as replacement of pipe that could otherwise be determined to be fit-for-service.  Effective and efficient application of resources via optimal decision making will be critical to ensure compliance and desired increases in safety and reliability performance are achieved within the limited cost structure of the industry.

Dynamic Risk is working collaboratively with major pipeline companies that operate a large portion of the gas pipeline mileage across the United States. Our core safety and reliability expertise is facilitating the development of data and technology-enabled programs and practices, which are required to optimally meet the requirements of the Gas Mega Rule.

This presentation, hosted by Ben Mittelstadt, Director, Technical Services, and Ken Crowl, Consultant, at Dynamic Risk, will explore considerations regarding the operationalization of PHMSA’s Gas Mega Rule and cover the following topics:

•    Primary requirements for Part 1
•    Key challenges and considerations
•    Leveraging a programmatic approach to operationalization
•    Business planning & decision-making scalability