Dynamic Risk is an industry leader in developing and implementing world-class risk management solutions. Our strategic focus on innovation ensures that our clients benefit from state of-the-art solutions for threat assessments and consequence modeling, including the development of qualitative, semi-quantitative and quantitative risk solutions.

Our team provides each of our clients with a risk model solution that best fits their needs whether it’s corporate, regulatory, or operational and we achieve this by providing an agile-based risk model development and implementation process. Our approach is flexible and accommodates everything from full development of a comprehensive model, to the implementation of our industry leading fully functional risk models. This approach ensures we deliver the right risk model for our clients with full confidence in their decision making.

“A key driver to first engage with Dynamic Risk was the realization to have a more robust Risk Model in place that offered a better risk algorithm and viewing capabilities to support our Integrity Management Program (IMP). Roughly 75% of mid-level pipeline operators in industry recommend using Dynamic Risk’s IRAS suite of software applications to support an efficient and effective IMP. Through leveraging the software applications; RiskAnalyst, ILIAnalyst and Dataview, we are better able to manage our pipeline segments and risk factors with near real-time results as opposed to the time consuming, manual process we historically used with excel spreadsheets. The implementation process has gone very well with open communication working alongside an innovative team”

– Bryan Klemm, Integrity Engineering Supervisor, Crimson Midstream.

Transmission and Midstream Pipeline Acquisition and Divestiture Support

Investors and operators alike are recognizing the need to have an improved understanding of their managed assets to protect capital investment, mitigate risk, ensure public safety, as well as adhere to new state/federal regulations.

We are uniquely positioned to provide private equity firms and midstream operators best in class pipeline integrity management solutions to ensure safe and reliable pipeline operations throughout the entire asset life cycle.

Our scalable and flexible approach fully enables the Establishment, Maintenance and Transfer of Integrity for the full life cycle of your midstream assets.

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Case Study: US Midstream Operator

Learn how a major US midstream operator and Dynamic Risk initiated a complete software solution that provided data visualization, management and the ability to run ILI analysis as part of their pipeline risk assessment.

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Software Solutions

Configurable and user-friendly, the IRAS platform integrates pipelines, operations, repairs, maintenance activities, inspections, pipeline threats, consequences, and other critical data, programmatically ensuring data accuracy and security. The end results are comprehensive self-serve analytics, reporting and GIS-based maps that help plan and schedule activities across an organization, improving operational awareness, and decreasing costs.

Software applications: DataExchange, RiskAnalyst, DataView, Query

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Whitepaper: Analysis Beyond Spreadsheets

Learn how business intelligence (BI) empowers fact-based risk and integrity management decision making. Includes “5 Guidelines for BI Project Success.”

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Learn more about automated data integration and its impact on pipeline risk and integrity management programs.

Consulting Services

Dynamic Risk brings a unique blend of superior engineering know-how and experience together with world-class software, data management, and engineering response projects. By building high performance teams in each of these areas, we are able to deliver high-value services and technical solutions to our clients that meet or exceed industry and discipline best practices for pipeline integrity management programs.

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