Integrity Management

Our pipeline risk and integrity management services and technology support the following core areas:

  • Risk assessment in support of acquisition & divestiture
  • Risk assessment in support of conceptual, preliminary and/or final risk based design
  • Design phase integrity analysis and planning support
  • Operational risk assessment
  • Change of service risk assessment
  • Investment Planning


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Inline Inspection

Through leveraging our inline inspection solution, users can perform advanced analytics on their existing internal inline inspection (ILI) data. This allows you to take full advantage of your inspection investment, while providing an advanced application that improves the overall performance of your entire integrity management program.


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Regulatory Compliance

Dynamic Risk’s team of industry regulatory experts have the credibility, industry knowledge and experience with industry best practices to work with our clients throughout the audit process for:

  • Improved system compliance and integrity
  • Reduced maintenance costs through program efficiencies
  • Staff Augmentation to support overloaded teams


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Dynamic Risk provides industry leading pipeline integrity management solutions for the midstream and transmission industries. Our team brings substantial industry knowledge, experience, analytical discipline, pipeline integrity management system know-how, management systems proficiency, and regulatory credibility to each of our valued clients. We use our expertise and experience to ensure our services and software continually evolve to meet client needs and regulatory demands.