2023 YPP USA Symposium “Fueling the Global Energy Demand”

2023 YPP USA Symposium “Fueling the Global Energy Demand"

Date(s) - May 18, 2023
All Day MST

Marriot Marquis

Dynamic Risk

Dynamic Risk is pleased to participate as a corporate sponsor for the YPP USA Symposium, Fueling the Global Energy Demand, held May 18, 2023.

YPP USA was formed with the mission of educating the next generation of Pipeliners, and transferring the duty of care of the pipeline industry. YPP USA has grown to become the leading organization for young professionals in the pipeline industry with over 300 active members representing 25 states. YPP hosts a variety of events throughout the year to support knowledge share and networking opportunities within the pipeline industry.

The YYP USA Spring Symposium’s theme is “Fueling the Global Energy Demand”. This event will bring together industry experts to discuss the future of energy and the opportunities presented as we face increasing challenges across the energy value chain.

Key topics will include:

  • The navigation of meeting current energy demands amidst the current geopolitical complexities and decarbonization efforts;
  • Natural gas market demands, Liquified Natural Gas, and alternative fuels such as hydrogen;
  • Panel session comprised of senior executives from operators to discuss how midstream companies are tackling current energy demands;


If you have any questions or would like to be connected with one of our participating team members, please contact Yanetzy Correa at: yanetzy_correa@dynamicrisk.net.

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