Webinar: Understanding Threat Uncertainty as part of an Effective Integrity Management Program

Date(s) - Sep 29, 2021
11:00 am - 11:30 am CST

Dynamic Risk

Pipeline operators are held to a high standard of reliability and safety, assuring this is a key area of accountability with responsibilities shared throughout an organization. New or updated regulations are also prompting operators to re-evaluate the adequacy of their approaches to evaluating threats and threat interactions, as well as the influence of identified threats on pipeline integrity risk. Threat assessment must be a data-driven process including consideration not only of knowns but also of unknowns, which differ from assumptions.  When the identification of changing conditions and unknowns is recognized, it can assist in deliberate engineering analysis, condition assessment or risk tolerance decisions. An independent review of established threat management practices can successfully identify process gaps and assumptions with the potential to increase system reliability and reduce risk exposure.

This presentation will introduce the methodology behind performing a threat uncertainty assessment with examples of data presentations for interpreting threat uncertainty in a system. The methodology is applicable to gas or liquid transmission systems.

Please join us on September 29th at 11:00am CST for an engaging and informative webinar presented by our subject matter experts, Ben Mittelstadt and Steve Biagiotti on this important topic.