Webinar: The Critical Role of Engineering Assessments in Pipeline Safety – Dynamic Risk

Webinar: The Critical Role of Engineering Assessments in Pipeline Safety - Dynamic Risk

Date(s) - Mar 03, 2021
11:00 am - 12:00 pm CST

Dynamic Risk

The application of Engineering Assessments (EA) will increasingly be utilized in the pipeline industry to demonstrate fitness-for-service and appropriate safety margins to stakeholders including industry, regulatory and the public. From a US perspective, with the release of Part 1 of the “Gas Mega Rule” in October of 2019 (effective July 1, 2020), along with pending class change rulemaking and Part 2 of the Gas Mega Rule, Operators will benefit from applying Engineering Critical Assessments (ECA) and advanced fitness-for-service solutions for reconfirming MAOP, special permitting for class location changes, and varying from prescriptive response and repair requirements. From a Canadian perspective, Operators will continue to be guided by CSA Z662 requirements to apply Engineering Assessments for demonstrating safe pipeline operations.

Compliance is only part of the picture as changes in corporate governance and public expectations demand improved safety and reliability. Without advanced engineering assessments, compliance efforts may lead to replacement of pipe that is otherwise fit-for-service, resulting in dilution of resources and missed opportunities to improve reliability and safety.

Key topics covered from both a US and Canadian perspective are as follows:

  • Definitions – Engineering Assessments (EA) and Engineering Critical Assessments (ECA)
  • Goals of Engineering Assessments
  • Driving Factors and Trending for Engineering Assessments
  • Code Related Considerations:
    • 49 CFR Part 192 Gas Mega Rule and special permitting class locations changes (e.g., class 1 to 3)
    • CSA Z662:19 (change in service, class location changes, defect assessment)
  • Data Gathering and Integration, and Assessment Technology
  • Strategies and Framework for Developing Effective Engineering Assessments

We look forward to hosting you on Wednesday, March 3rd at 11:00am CST to discuss the critical role of engineering assessments for pipeline safety.

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