The International Pipeline Risk Management Forum

The International Pipeline Risk Management Forum

Date(s) - Nov 17, 2021 - Nov 18, 2021
All Day CST

Dynamic Risk
Advisory Committee

Dynamic Risk is proud to partner with Clarion and participate on the Advisory Committee for the upcoming Pipeline Risk Management Forum, held as a virtual event November 17 – 18, 2021th.

“Mastering risk management solutions to make confident decisions about pipeline safety and efficiency” is the theme of the event which will be the first of its kind to address the important, timely, and sometimes controversial subject specifically related to risk management in the pipeline industry.

We are honored to be presenting in two sessions outlined below:

• Wednesday, November 17th – 9:40am – Kevin Spencer, Director, Client Partnerships, presents “Agile Approaches for Transitioning to Quantitative Risk Assessment Modeling.”

Pipeline operators are increasingly transitioning their pipeline risk assessment approaches to more objective, quantitative risk models that provide for improved decision making, better ability to manage risk levels to acceptability targets and ultimately support their programs to eliminate high impact events.  Many operators have an existing index-based or relative risk ranking models that, although characterized as “qualitative” in terms of the risk measure or output, actually utilize a significant amount of data that could also support a more quantitative expression of risk.  Industry trending for risk modeling also indicates regulatory and Standards alignment with an expectation for more robust, quantitative approaches that can be used with risk acceptance criteria. Risk acceptance guidelines for the pipeline industry are either being explored (PHMSA) or developed (CSA Z662). This presentation walks through case studies and lessons learned for operators successfully transitioning from an index-based relative risk approach to a more robust, objective, quantitative approach.

Thursday, November 18th – 10:45am – Landon Lucadou, Engineering Specialist, co-presents “The Evolution of Quantitative Risk Assessments: Integrating Environmental Consequence Analysis to Refine Results.”

Pipeline risk assessments are an essential tool for pipeline operators to effectively manage and mitigate hazards along their pipeline assets. Historically, risk assessments have used generalized approaches to quantify the consequence of a potential loss of containment from a pipeline. With an increased focus on the environmental impacts of a release, more sophisticated approaches have been developed that utilize advanced outflow calculations and spill modeling to reduce the uncertainties associated with potential releases. This presentation describes the evolution of an environmental consequence model and the implementation within a North American liquid operator’s risk program.

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