AMPP Calgary Symposium 2023

AMPP Calgary Symposium 2023

Date(s) - Dec 06, 2023
All Day MST

Dynamic Risk

Dynamic Risk is pleased to participate in the AMPP Calgary Symposium on December 6th, 2023 as a presenter and exhibitor.


Presentation: “An Introduction to Risk”

Oil and gas pipelines in North America play a crucial role in the energy infrastructure, but they are subject to various risks. The first half of the presentation is intended to provide a high-level overview of what is defined as “Risk” in the Oil and Gas industry, while also delving into current industry trends.

The second half of the presentation will showcase corrosion-related examples of how Risk concepts are being used now and how it is moving forward.

  • An overview of the corrosion probabilistic risk assessment as outlined in Annex O of CSA Z662-23 will be provided.
  • The outcomes of a global simulation-based sensitivity analysis conducted by Dynamic Risk for corrosion limit states in Annex O of CSA Z662-23 will be presented.
  • A review of forthcoming developments in corrosion risk assessment will be presented, comprising machine learning and optimization techniques.



Francisco Barrera – Principal Consultant

Francisco BarreraAs Principal Consultant at Dynamic Risk, Francisco is responsible for leading the technical engineering for project delivery within our Risk and Reliability department. Francisco has over sixteen years of experience developing and implementing risk solutions, including engineering, quality control, and client interface. Francisco has worked for many of the top pipeline companies in North America through Pipeline Transmission, Distribution, Facility, and Offshore Risk and Integrity Analysis. He proactively identifies where systems are most likely to encounter issues or fail, determines corresponding consequences, and develops strategic solutions to improve pipeline asset reliability and safety. In addition, Francisco actively collaborates and contributes with multidisciplinary teams to deliver solutions to companies that will enhance efficiency and decision-making.


Hamed Fateminia, Ph.D. – Senior Risk Engineer

Hamed Fateminia

Hamed is a Senior Risk Analyst with over 10 years of experience and research in quantitative modelling, analyzing, and managing risks and uncertainties of both midstream and upstream of Oil and Gas industry, Wastewater, and Windfarm construction projects. During his Ph.D. studies at the University of Alberta, he incorporated simulation methods into artificial intelligence and optimization techniques to improve risk management processes. He also led a programming team to develop and release the first version of Fuzzy Risk Analyzer© (FRA©), a software tool for determining project risk contingency using artificial intelligence for industrial partners at University of Alberta.

At Dynamic Risk his responsibilities include leading client engagements, acting as the client’s trusted advisor and ensuring the technical requirements of the engagement are fulfilled, using both internal and external resources,  and developing and advancing quantitative risk assessment methodologies that are appropriate for both current and new Dynamic Risk clients, based on our clients’ data availability and data quality process maturity. Additionally, he presents risk results and formulates recommendations to clients that lead to confident decision-making and integrity investing across their organizations. He’s recently developed a global simulation-based sensitivity analysis technique to help clients meet RIN 2 requirements.


Dynamic Risk is pleased to exhibit at the AMPP Calgary Symposium 2023. Our solutions and software applications enable pipeline operators to make trusted, data-driven decisions to ensure safe and reliable operations, adherence to regulatory mandates, and protection of their capital investment. Our team of pipeline integrity SMEs will be on-site to showcase our latest technology-enabled solutions and applications.

If you have any questions or would like to be connected with one of our participating team members, please contact Yanetzy Correa at:


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