Since 2010, federal regulators have required distribution pipeline system operators to have a Distribution Integrity Management Program (DIMP) and associated written integrity management plan in place, which is reviewed every 5 years at a minimum.

Having the appropriate solutions in place for detailed asset analysis and health index of mains, services, regulator stations, meters and other critical distribution facilities, is a necessity to remain regulatory compliant, ensure public safety and prioritization of capital.

Distribution Brochure

Integrity Management

An effective distribution risk program includes a forward looking, predictive approach and related mitigation strategies to increase system safety and reliability. Dynamic Risk offers services to support this that include:

  • Investigate root causes for past events
  • Identify “Threat Scenarios”
  • Quantify the probabity of each scenario
  • Establish mitigation strategies
  • Implement supporting processes and tools
  • Effective management of Corporate ESG considerations and programs

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Regulatory Compliance

Since a Distribution Integrity Management Program (DIMP) is mandatory, operators must develop, manage, and periodically evaluate an integrity management program internally, or source and obtain external support.

Dynamic Risk’s industry leading engineering consultants partner with operators to ensure compliancy for all distribution pipeline assets.

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