Dynamic Risk’s consulting services combined with our IRAS software and strategic partnerships enable our clients to make risk-informed decisions through an asset’s entire life cycle.

Helping our clients manage an asset’s risk from construction or acquisition, through to operations and maintenance, and finally to abandonment or divestiture has resulted in improved system safety and reliability, higher asset performance and overall lower operational costs.

Specific areas of expertise and offering include:

  • Life Cycle Integrity Management Services

    • Read more about our “industry first” partnership with ATCO. Together, we provide a completely customizable integrity management program that spans the entire life cycle of your pipeline.
  • Integrity Management Program Development and Support
    • Program audit and optimization
    • Program planning, development and implementation
    • Change management and training
  • Asset Retirement Intelligence
    • Do you fully understand your asset retirement obligations? Can you properly quantify your liability? You can’t properly manage your assets’ retirement without all the facts.