Dynamic Risk provides clients with the unique level of support required to see every project through to successful completion. With decades of working experience in Field Services, Dynamic Risk’s team can deliver benchmarking, process improvements, system development and end-to end assessment of your field assets.

Most of our field services projects are offered as a part of a full-scope integrated solution, however we do offer stand-alone services if deemed beneficial based on project details and requirements.


  • Asset Inventory Management
    • Geotagging of key assets such as wellheads, pipelines and surface equipment.
  • Inspection /Assessment Program Support
    • Optimization of pipeline integrity programs to manage the risk of failure.
  • Risk Based Inspection
    • Prioritization of inspection and monitoring programs based on a customized risk algorithm.
  • System Mapping and Schematic Support
    • Create the source of truth dataset to maintain pipeline connectivity networks.
  • Project Management
    • Turnkey project management to provide oversight on all aspects of pipeline integrity projects

Our field support services deliver industry-leading intelligence, essential to making risk-informed decisions.

Field Services Brochure