Take your pipeline integrity programs to new heights with key insights and valuable analytics for improved management of your External Corrosion threat and Cathodic Protection data.

Transmission and Midstream pipeline Integrity Management Programs (IMPs) require external corrosion mitigation through Cathodic Protection (CP) systems. The minimum requirement to monitor the effectiveness of CP is typically through yearly Cathodic Protection surveys. Results of the survey data then need to be assessed in accordance with regulatory requirements and remedial plans need to be prioritized and properly executed.

Dynamic Risk’s technology enabled solutions combine industry leading technology and consulting services to offer our clients differentiated solutions for the markets we serve. Leveraging our domain expertise in pipeline integrity management consulting, within our Explorer software application, we offer a flexible, scalable solution to streamline operators’ Threat and Corrosion Management processes in support of a robust IMP.

External Corrosion Management Solution Brochure: