The impacts of PHMSA’s Rupture Mitigation Rule for Gas Transmission Operators


PHMSA’s rule related to Rupture Mitigation on gas transmission pipelines, including requirements for remote-controlled valves or automatic shut-off valves, takes effect on October 5th, 2022. Gas Transmission operators must now analyze and understand the potential impact reduction from quicker shutdowns of pipeline segments following a rupture, through the use of both automatic or remote-controlled valve technologies and in conjunction with effective operational processes and procedures.

The rule has both prescriptive and risk-based requirements for installing and operating Rupture Mitigation Valves (RMVs), as well as emergency response and incident investigation.

In this webinar, our Technical Director, Curtis Parker, explores the key aspects of the Rupture Mitigation Rule and offers strategies for Gas Transmission operators to address the new regulatory requirements.

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