Engineering Critical Assessments (ECAs) For MAOP Reconfirmation


The U.S. Pipeline regulatory structure continues to experience significant changes that will facilitate gaining the next level of safety and reliability performance. With the release of Part 1 of the Gas Mega Rule in October of 2019 (effective July 1, 2020), in lieu of replacement or re-testing pipelines, operators have the option of applying Engineering Critical Assessments (ECAs) and advanced fitness-for-service solutions for validating and reconfirming maximum allowable operating pressure (MAOP).

Reconfirmation of MAOP (MAOP-R) has the potential for billions of dollars of effort/impact if the industry must rely on replacements, pressure reductions and pressure tests for compliance. ECAs provide an effective performance-based pathway forward to obtain the greatest yield from resources in terms of increasing pipeline safety and reliability and providing maximum return on investment.

This white paper includes the following topics:

  • Overview of industry regulations
  • ECA framework for technical alignment
  • The three steps of an ECA approach: process and personnel, structure and alignment with stakeholders, and detailed content and approaches.
  • ECA application examples: corrosion and cracking
  • Value summary for pipeline operators


To learn more, download a copy of our ECA white paper