MAOP Reconfirmation

Facilities Requirements to Reconfirm MAOP:

Requirements to reconfirm Maximum Allowable Operating Pressure (MAOP) and to verify material properties for certain pipeline system components and non-line pipe (“facilities”) also require consideration as part of Gas Mega Rule implementation planning.

Dynamic Risk is well versed in assessing which facilities are subject to Gas Mega Rule requirements by determining facilities located in HCA or non-HCA Class 3 and Class 4 locations and piggable Medium Consequence Areas (MCA) with MAOP ≥ 30% SMYS. Since MAOP reconfirmation is required in facilities up to the emergency shutdown valves (compressor stations) or isolation valves (other types of facilities), the application of boundary diagrams to facilities serves to establish those components and non-line pipe in scope for MAOP reconfirmation requirements.

The foundation for this facilities work is establishing traceable, verifiable, and complete (TVC) records documenting the material properties and testing of the non-line pipe and component assemblies; and the establishment of MAOP. This allows for the accurate application of Gas Mega Rule requirements. These efforts often compliment existing facilities’ integrity programs which offer significant synergies. Dynamic Risk has experience in developing facilities Gas Mega Rule programs that cover all these aspects.

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