Shamus McDonnell Joins Dynamic Risk as Vice President, Strategic Growth

Shamus Headshot
We are pleased to announce that Shamus McDonnell has joined Dynamic Risk in the role of Vice President, Strategic Growth. He will be working closely with the executive team and others in the development and execution of Dynamic Risk’s strategic position – a leading technology and analytics solutions provider for the health and reliability of pipeline infrastructure.

Shamus was a co-founder and President of Hunter McDonnell Pipeline Services from its inception in 1995 to 2015, when it was acquired by Pure Technologies and rebranded as PureHM, before it was purchased by Xylem. As the Vice President of Technology and Product Management, Shamus was responsible for business growth and operational activities, including the development of technological innovations that reduced risk and improved safety. Shamus has extensive field experience and pipeline integrity knowledge with patents in the Americas, Australia, New Zealand and the EU for innovations in CP and coating surveys.

An AMPP (formerly NACE) PCIM Technologist, Shamus has served on numerous AMPP, PHMSA and PODS committees. He has co-authored numerous publications presented at AMPP, IPC, and PPIM on coatings, ECDA digs, and integrity assessment case studies, to name a few.

We look forward to leveraging Shamus’s deep industry experience and technical expertise as we advance our technology enabled solutions to best meet our client’s critical business needs.