Pipeline Risk and Integrity Management Services Across the Asset Lifecycle

Pipeline risk management

Your success as a pipeline operator depends on making good decisions. The foundation of your decisions is accurate and timely data-driven information. That’s our role. Our consulting, along with our IRAS Suite of risk and integrity management applications, optimize risk-informed decisions through a pipeline asset’s entire life cycle.

Pipeline risk assessments

From gathering systems, midstream pipelines, transmission pipelines and distribution networks, we have the in-house expertise to provide complete pipeline risk assessment, data management, and compliance reporting. In addition, we are the only company to effectively utilize both qualitative and quantitative risk analysis across the complete energy supply chain.

Our IRAS software models pipeline systems, to proactively determine where threats exist and provide powerful analytics to assess and determine mitigative options and time-to-failure. In addition, we offer advisory services to energy companies focused on the risk of your assets and optimize maintenance activities to ensure safe, reliable, and efficient operations.

In addition, our team brings substantial industry knowledge, experience, analytical discipline, pipeline integrity management system know-how, management systems proficiency, and regulatory credibility to our business, and to each of our clients. We use our expertise and experience to ensure our services and software continually evolve to meet client and regulatory demands, which include:

  • Improved safety and environmental protection for their pipeline assets 
  • Greater system reliability and efficiency 
  • Optimized asset performance
  • Lower operational costs

Safe and reliable operations is vital across the pipeline infrastructure value chain. Our technology enabled solutions provide our client’s with effective risk and integrity management program and processes to ensure that your pipeline infrastructure is available when it is needed, and valuable resources are not wasted.

Pipeline Risk & Threat Assessments

A key factor for operators to ensure your pipeline assets are operating at maximum efficiency, while remaining regulatory compliant, is the value of having a rigorous pipeline integrity assessment process in place. More specifically, one that goes beyond the minimum requirements of codes and regulations to identify potential future operating risks of both existing and new pipelines.

Pre-emptive measures and a pro-active approach completing risk and threat assessments are critical components to effectively address the principal drivers of potential risks, and furthermore must be continually evaluated to reduce the likelihood of a potential incident. This supports greater and in-depth understanding of your over-life threats, focus funds on at-risk assets, and better target mitigation and repair activities before a costly failure occurs.

Since pipeline asset risk is typically managed to a threshold of diminishing returns, As Low as Reasonably Practicable (ALRP), it is important for you to have an accurate understanding of the resources required to implement risk reduction measures in proportion to the benefits that the resulting risk reduction would achieve.

Solutions and Benefits Our Clients Receive:

  • Detailed risk assessment and analysis for; the likelihood of a failure, the consequence of a failure, and the ability (or lack thereof) of detecting conditions leading to failure; focusing on safety and reliability best practices.
  • Identification of the principal risk-drivers in high-risk pipeline segments which allows for pre-emptive selection of appropriate risk-mitigation plans to address those principal risk-drivers.
  • Identification of protective and mitigative measures that can be applied within the design process according to the identified hazards and the risks that are present. This avoids wasting resources due to over-specified requirements while maintaining acceptable levels of risk.
  • Consideration for risk of failure due to “what if” deviations from normal operating conditions.

Pipeline risk integrity deliverables:

Dynamic Risk’s team of industry experts keep you informed throughout the entire risk assessment process and provide ongoing analysis of findings to support trusted and informed decision-making. Key deliverables include:

  • A description of the methodology and the method applications within the risk assessment verification process.
  • A summary of findings relative to potential risks and a prioritization of identified risks.
  • Recommended pre-emptive measures and strategies to address the principal drivers of identified risks.

Striving for continuous improvement is one of our core values and we commit to providing technology and consulting solutions that enable you to achieve exceptional efficiency and safety performance while meeting compliance objectives. Whether you are concerned with wells, pipelines or production facilities, we partner with you to develop industry leading integrity management plans and operating and maintenance programs that improve your system reliability, prioritize safety of the public and surrounding areas, and protect your capital investment.  If you want to improve the reliability and safety of your pipeline assets while decreasing operation and maintenance cost through accurate data and trusted results, we are your integrity management partner. Contact us today to discuss your key needs and customize a solution that best suits your specific organization’s requirements.