Pipeline Integrity Consulting Services

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Providing Premium Pipeline System Risk and Integrity Management Consulting Services  

Dynamic Risk’s consulting services provide agile expertise at every stage of the pipeline operation lifecycle to help Transmission, Midstream and Upstream pipeline operators safely deliver the energy the world counts on.

Our industry experts are dedicated to pipeline integrity management and work with operators across the globe which has enabled us to refine our technology enabled solution offerings with a profound understanding of industry needs.

By building high performance teams in each of these areas, we consistently deliver high-value services and technical solutions to our clients with industry and discipline best practices for pipeline integrity management programs.

Pipeline Integrity Engineering Services

 We bring a unique blend of superior engineering know-how and experience together with world class software, data management, and engineering response projects. Services offered in this domain include:

  • Pipeline Regulatory Compliance Support: We provide industry leading regulatory support to pipeline operators in which our services and applications have supported over 100 audits at the Federal, State and Provincial level.
  • Inline Inspection (ILI) Data Calibration, Alignment, Integration & Analysis: We provide our clients with ILI data expertise, a solid technical understanding of ILI analysis, management and efficient data assurance and validation.
  • Integrity Data Management Services: We have a strong technical understanding of pipeline integrity data. Our team comprises experienced integrity data analysts with a deep understanding and focus on engineering, ILI, GIS, from the wellhead to big-inch cross country transmission pipelines.
  • Incident Investigation: Our experts have active relationships with regulators and stakeholders, providing external credibility and appropriate support.
  • Engineering Assessments: Whether your needs relate to the management of existing infrastructure or new pipeline construction projects, we have the technology and engineering expertise to assist you with risk-based decision making.
  • Operator Staff Augmentation: Our dedicated team of subject matter experts are available to work as an extension of your pipeline integrity management team and are equipped with proprietary software solutions for managing operational risk, regulatory compliance and providing integrity program support
  • Outflow Analysis: We provide detailed outflow modeling to support consequence and risk assessment for liquids pipelines. Our approach is based on a 4-phase calculation including detection time, pump shut-down, valve closure and gravity drain down. Detailed outflow release volumes can be incorporated within our clients’ risk assessments, leading to more accurate environment consequence results and improved risk results.
  • Overland Spill Modelling: Our transient three-dimensional overland spill model leverages the outflow volume results and detailed digital elevation data to determine the migration paths of a liquid product spill based on agreed upon scenarios. Specifically, the model can be used to determine whether the spill plume would intersect waterbodies, waterways, HCAs or any defined sensitive areas. Further analysis can be done for Hydrological Transport Modeling by considering flow direction and connectivity between streams and waterbodies as required.
  • Valve Optimization Analysis: We provide analysis of outflow volumes and their associated spill plumes that can be used to evaluate valve configuration and optimization, as well as valve maintenance activity planning and prioritization. This assists operators with determining the optimal valve placements to achieve the most reduction in outflow volumes, keeping cost benefit analysis in mind.

Pipeline Integrity Management & Advisory Consulting

Our team is recognized across North America by, and strongly affiliated with, the energy industry. Our Executive Leadership Team (ELT) and principals are all industry experts. Collectively, we bring substantial industry knowledge, experience, analytical discipline, risk management know-how, management systems proficiency and regulatory credibility to each of our clients.

We partner with the best experts in their field to provide strategic guidance and consulting services that accurately meets project requirements including in-depth research and benchmarking analysis, Merger and Acquisition support, Expert Witness for assistance in litigation, as well as DOT Regulatory Audit preparation, support, and findings response planning.

In addition, we provide expert advice and recommendations to ensure efficient and on-time pipeline integrity program solution implementation. Our services include long range planning, data management strategy development, data integration and workflow design.

Pipeline Integrity Management System Support

A pipeline management system provides a framework to manage risk throughout the pipeline life cycle and documents the objectives, the associated performance requirements, and identify the proper sequence of processes and procedures to be managed, scheduled, tracked, documented, communicated, and reported.

An Integrated Management System (IMS) provides an umbrella framework of management systems that meet or exceeds applicable regulatory requirements and supports continual improvement. An effective IMS is based upon a foundation of underlying principles that include leadership, management of change, performance and accountability management, quality management and continuous improvement.

Our team of experts can help with the development or review of an integrated management system and related protocols and procedures. We provide client teams with technical support through an independent perspective to ensure that policies, practices, and procedures meet or exceed industry requirements and expectations.

Enterprise Risk Management Consulting Services

Our consulting services assist our clients with effectively managing and mitigating their asset risk across the pipeline integrity life cycle from construction or acquisition, through to operations and maintenance, and finally to abandonment or divestiture. Our clients receive improved system safety and reliability, higher asset performance and overall lower operational costs.

Our team provides each of our clients with a risk model solution that best fits their needs whether it is corporate, regulatory, or operational. We achieve this by providing an agile-based risk model development and implementation process. Our approach is flexible and accommodates everything from a full development of a comprehensive risk model, to the implementation of our industry leading fully functional risk models. This approach ensures we deliver the right risk model for our clients for full confidence in their decision making.                                     

Risk management solutions for pipeline operators

By assessing, managing, and integrating risks from both operational and business points of view, a pipeline operator can better manage risk and mitigation interdependencies and drive for consistency among all lines of business. If you want to improve the reliability and safety of your pipeline assets while decreasing operation and maintenance cost through improved decision making, we are your integrity management partner. Contact us today to speak with an expert about pipeline integrity consulting services.