About our Pipeline Integrity Management Software for Transmission and Midstream operators

For over 25 years, Dynamic Risk has been the go-to pipeline integrity management software and solution provider for engineers and technical specialists working in the energy industry for the midstream and transmission markets. As new federal and state/provincial regulators impose new mandates, there is a continual need for operators to improve efficiencies while reducing costs for your pipeline integrity management program. However, often the resources and costs required to collect, analyze and distribute data can be substantial, with limited confidence in the information derived. 

Leveraging technology solutions as part of your integrity management practices can have a tremendous impact on regulatory compliance, safe pipeline operations and on how you get work completed. Our pipeline integrity software management platform; IRAS, enables you to identify problems and opportunities and explore viable options quickly, providing an unprecedented level of control of pipeline safety and reliability. Asset integrity teams can make informed decisions and effectively allocate resources where they are needed most, therefore improving operational efficiency and reducing the overall program spend.

Our Quick Start Implementation Program is a proven system process that enables you to be up and running quickly and ensure that your organization realizes value within the first 60 days. Quick Start follows the Agile Development Methodology with a “rolling implementation” that mitigates any number of implementation disruptions while positively affecting project timelines and creating small wins early. Frequent checkpoints allow organizations to be responsive to change, celebrate small successes, leverage momentum and quickly adjust to feedback and market conditions.

The following outlines our Pipeline Integrity Management Software solutions for Transmission and Midstream operators:


IRAS DataExchange is the core module within our IRAS architecture that facilitates the integration and exchange of data between IRAS and other integrity data systems. Asset integrity management and information systems teams can uncover efficiencies and automations to integrate data from various sources into one single, robust system for confident decision making in their pipeline integrity program.

Inclusive, not intrusive – DataExchange integrates data in multiple formats and from multiple data source systems without losing any data and information from their previous system. Users can easily integrate DataExchange into their current environment and perform programmatic quality control and validation checks. Users have complete flexibility and control to determine what data is analyzed and how often is it updated to meet their daily workflow requirements.


There are many ways to calculate risk. For pipeline operators, integrity and risk mitigation are a priority in daily operations. IRAS RiskAnalyst provides users the freedom to choose the right methodology for the task to understand system safety and optimize spend where it is needed most. RiskAnalyst provides the processing, workflow support and analytics to identify a pipeline system’s threats and consequences and assess the risk of a potential failure. Users can demonstrate an optimized plan through systematic testing, scenario models and cost-benefit analysis to continuously refine and improve their pipeline risk assessment program.


IRAS ILIAnalyst advances analysis beyond spreadsheets with compiling and configuring current and accurate inline inspection data. Users can rapidly evaluate critical information to prioritize risk severity for pipeline integrity assessments and maintenance. ILIAnalyst assists users in completing programmatic analysis of key data sets to help make informed decisions across an assets’ entire life cycle, ensuring system safety, reliability and overall performance of your full integrity management program.

ILIAnalyst users can quickly; review ILI data, apply acceptance criteria, select anomalies for investigation, create dig location documentation and input field findings for future planning and detailed analytics.   


As the population and pipeline systems continue to encroach on each other, operators need an effective solution to ensure safe operations and adhere to regulatory standards. IRAS ComplianceAuditor is a robust application that can conduct a comprehensive review of your organization’s current safety measures and regulatory standards to ensure safe and compliant pipeline operations.

ComplianceAuditor enables users to conduct a comprehensive review of their organization’s adherence to best practice safety measures, efficiently and accurately determine Class Location, as well as identify high consequence areas (HCAs).


IRAS Query is an industry leading data mining tool used in the creation of both simple and complex queries, for trending analysis and in the creation of custom pipeline reports.

Query’s dashboarding function facilitates simple drag and drop report builders that will allow even inexperienced report designers to create interactive dashboards in just minutes.


To effectively support pipeline integrity and risk management, stakeholders require an accurate and detailed view into each system to confirm the asset’s operational health and reliability. IRAS DataView translates complex information into user friendly dashboards and reports that allow users to quickly analyze and decipher from a broad, high-level approach down to technical detail.

Reports are completely customizable and user-defined in a clean and simple format, each designed for the intended audience which eliminates communication barriers when working cross-functionally between technical and non-technical departments. DataView delivers insights fast and in an easy to use, customizable format. The application allows users to organize and align all data to a common referencing system to view trends and identify any outliers through its dynamic alignment of datasets and mapping functionality. 

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Our pipeline integrity management software optimize risk-informed decision making to manage risk through an asset’s entire life cycle. IRAS Software suite models pipeline systems to proactively determine where they are most likely to fail, and the corresponding consequences of unintended incidents. Contact us now to learn more about which solution application will best meet your current pipeline integrity requirements.