NACE Standards Board Appointment: Steve Biagiotti

We are delighted to announce the appointment of Steve Biagiotti to the National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE) Standards Board.

Steve was selected to serve on the Standards Board based on his progressive leadership responsibilities with NACE International and its Technical Committees over the last 30 years and his proven leadership skills as a Principal Consultant.

The Standards Board will provide oversight and management of the NACE Standards Program and has three primary roles:

  • Development of strategies, objectives and tactics to enable the NACE Standards Program to better respond to the standardization needs of the corrosion industry including the impacts of emerging technologies, new materials and capabilities, and changing regulatory requirements;
  • Responding to direction from the NACE Board of Directors and working in concert with other NACE Councils, Activity Committees, and Areas to help leverage the value of standards to the Association’s Mission and Goals;
  • Oversight and management of the health and performance of the NACE standards activities including global growth in the standards portfolio, timely maintenance of existing standards, the improvement of processes and tools, removal of barriers faced by standards committees, reducing risks to the Standards Program and its participants, and being responsive to industry’s standardization needs.

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